Peck 47

The Kiekenmarkt or Rue du Marché aux Poulets received a makeover in 2012, making it car-free and therefore much more attractive for everyone, but businesses in the food and drink industry in particular. Sure, Corica en Celtica fared quite well already, when there was only a three tile wide pavement in front of their doors, but the street’s renaissance attracted some new entrepreneurs as well. We already told the success story of Bia Mara, but a couple of doors up the street, Peck 47 has become a food and drink hot spot as well!

We had been at Peck 47 before, enjoying some poached eggs for brunch — excellent hangover food — a ciabatta or wrap  for lunch, or just a refreshing drink on the terrace. However, recently they’ve started serving dinner as well. There are only five mains on the menu — huevos rancheros, steak, salmon, prawns, burger and a veggie dish — but that should be just enough to find something you like.

We had The Peck Burger and the Merry Cured — gin cured salmon with a beet and walnut salad —  with a side of mac ‘n’ cheese, and thyme and oregano roasted new potatoes. Let me say it was a relief to have a burger again I could pick up with my hands and eat as a burger is supposed to be eaten, and a tasty one as well! The burger came with some roasted potatoes already, so in the end, we actually struggled to finish the quite generous servings of sides. We’d probably just order one side to share, next time, so we’ll still have room for one of the delicious looking cakes as dessert.

The beer selection is small but well-thought-out as well: Silly provides the pilsner and a tripel, then De la Senne and Brussels Beer Project add a little couleur locale with their headliners. Then there is a Beer of the Month as well, which can either be foreign — we’ve had some Flying Dog beers there in the past — or Belgian, as was the case with this month’s Triple Mad by Mad Yeast.

There is a Peck 20 in Saint-Gilles now as well, and it turns out the menu is different: for instance, we’ve seen pulled pork and fried chicken burgers appearing on their Instagram feed, while those are currently not available at Peck 47. The menus might eventually be synchronised, but for now you’ll just have to visit both Pecks to try all menu options!




  • No beers on draught
  • De la Senne and Brussels Beer Project headliners
  • Beer of the Month


  • Hangover-curing breakfasts
  • Ciabattas or wraps for lunch
  • Five different dinner options


Peck 47
Kiekenmarkt 47 Rue du Marché aux Poulets
1000 Brussel
+32 2 513 02 87



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